Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 30th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here
june 30th best show ever

The setlist:
failure -a.m. amnesia 
trade your children -trade your children
 trade your children -intellectual intercourse 
stepbrothers -pizza this is the place games
 stepbrothers- friends don't let friends have friends 
hit the lights -the real
 hit the lights- blasphemy, myself and i 
refused -dawkins christ 
refused -servants of death 
refused -thought is blood 
posers -coppin in camden 
posers -nothing 
screeching weasel -attention! 
screeching weasel -I'm a lonesome wolf 
sorority noise -art school wannabe 
sorority noise -mononokay
 the little millionaires -the lime and pepper scrape
 tiger bell -german boy 
tiger bell -manna manna 
ulysses and the siren -karma eater 
wasted potential -bingo arms 
wasted potential -cumlords 
wasted potential -robert munsch's coke habit 
wasted potential -sleeveless in seattle 
chain rank -social climber 
chain rank -power hungry 
ken mode -the owl 
ken mode -dead actors

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