Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 23rd episode is now up!

Download it here:
 best show ever june 23

 The setlist:
metz -neat neat neat
soda bomb -look ma, I majored in house parti
soda bomb -grump
bad cop/bad cop -anti love song
 bad cop/bad cop -here's to you
 titus andronicus -no future part IV: no future
 titus andronicus -I lost my mind
titus andronicus -fatal flaw
citizen -dive into my sun
citizen -ring of chain
 folk festival massacre- idle
 folk festival massacre- punch puller
 lee paradise -amoureax
 lee paradise- non helper
total dicks -overdraft
total dicks -grocery store mutant
 total dicks -care to bleed
tidemouth -vaccinate
 tidemouth -abyssal blessing
nanette -ichnofacies
nanette -esprit de corps
envy -blue moonlight
 envy -two isolated souls
 black tower -death march
black tower -night siege

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