Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 16th episode is now up

Download it here
Best Show Ever june 16

The setlist:
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -the devil rides out
rehasher -grudge holder
rehasher -everybody hates their job
 dikembe -worst in the fury
dikembe -guts in the brush
super unison -walk away
 tenement -garden of secrecy
 tenement -I'm your super glue
tenement -feral cat tribe
great lakes usa -paralyzed
great lakes usa -crows
crucial dudes -get pitted
hisdayhascome- in deep water
 pony -don't go
pony -baby please
 fire next time- hellfire and damnation, he said
fire next time- black banner
 nique a feu -country
nique a feu -15-2 15-4
le monsieur- la trappe
 le monsieur -nid d'poule
 le monsieur -le degel
wisdom in chains -when we were young
wisdom in chains -violent americans
the channelling- silverscream
 the channelling -monostery

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