Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 2nd and 9th episodes are now up!

June 2nd's show can be downloaded here
june 2nd best show ever

The setlist:
latterman -an ode to jon contra 
five days late -falling back
 latterman -if batman was real, he would've beaten the crap out of my friends
 latterman -there's no way "punk was meant to be done" 
the brass -bubis mons 
lightnin round -when you was mine 
kudrow -blink 182 reunion 
mutiod man -sweet ivy
 iron chic- prototypes
 the gay, gay, gay, gay, boners -trees are bonerz 
daytrader -paper pusher 
bridge and tunnel -predecessors air raid
 barcelona -biggest blackout in us history 
shorebirds -nutter 
behavior- fields of gold
 laura stevenson and the cans -sink swim 
slingshot dakota- ohio! 
solidarity pact -moscow on the hudson 
bottle rocket -I want to watch the grass grow 
little lungs -pet cemetery 
young ladies -without you 
stolen parts -anonymous 
hooky -drink up 
rvivr -the sound 
detroit -FALSE 
detroit -hallow 
detroit -alone 
detroit -pointless 
detroit -no one else pretends 
detroit -move on 
detroit -nomad 
detroit -leech 
detroit -sxbx 
detroit -destitute 
detroit -stand in 
detroit -immolation

June 9th's show can be downloaded here
June 9 best show ever

The setlist: 
no problem- killing game
 no problem- eyes of isis
 no problem- never see the sun
 excelsior- pornos
 excelsior- shut in
 institute- I am living dead
 institute- leathernecks
underground railroad to candyland- in case you dunno 
underground railroad to candyland- diamond ring 
underground railroad to candyland- 13th ppl r hm
 matt skiba and the sekrets- krazy 
matt skiba and the sekrets- hemophiliak
 the queers- uncouth 
antagonizer- (I'm) stranded 
society's ills- all the same 
society's ills- the last word
 pl mafia- au tul du temps
 pl mafia- la prise de l'ours
 fortune cookie club- hymne a l'exces 
fortune cookie club- bonheur planifie
between the buried and me- famine wolf 
 between the buried and me- rabid calm
noisem- trail of perturbation 
noisem- blossomin of the web

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