Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 7th episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever July 7th

The setlist:

drakulas -spinal chords 
mutoid man -bridge burner 
mutoid man -soft spot in my skull 
radioactivity -stripped away 
radioactivity -no connection 
man overboard -cliffhanger 
man overboard -deal 
man overboard -a love that I can't have 
working poor -usa headcase 
working poor- usa the stand 
fools rush -rock and coll
 fools rush -sad cowboy
 gulfer -bloody looking 
gulfer -getting hit by parked cars
 royal psalms -anything
 royal psalms -constants 
oh my snare -hearken unto my behest, biatch, for thou has boobies 
oh my snare -if you smell flowers, look around for the coffin 
owen -anchor
 into it over it -poor souls 
safe to say -nothing gold 
safe to say -bed ridden
 safe to say -funeral 
post script -right for me 
post script -who's to blame 
koszmar -ostatnia szarza 
koszmar- wieczny plomien 
koszmar -zmuszony do zycia 
mischief brew -two nickles
 mischief brew -danger falling pianos

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