Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The best show ever Nov 19th edition is now up!

Stream it here
or find it here
or download the mp3 here

 the setlist:
reggie and the full effect -super croc vs mega doosh 
reggie and the full effect- dmv featuring common denominator
 jetty boys -save me from myself 
jetty boys- abandon shp 
teenage x -crushing memories 
teenage x- take it 
polar bear club -chicago spring 
polar bear club- for show
polar bear club -twang (blister to burn) 
12xu- salut les jeunes 
12xu -demi-talents 
12xu -le temps qui passe 
teenage bottlerocket- ich bin auslander und spreche 
teenage bottlerocket -via munich 
curbside- 54 queen st. south 
curbside- side effects 
fullcount- no way out 
deep pockets- stanley street justice 
deep pockets- neither of those are mine 
death mercedes -on the offensive 
death mercedes- kamikaze 
pretty mouth -eyes 
pretty mouth -zounds 
depressing- updater 
rape revenge -donor's list 
rape revenge-herbivore 
bamboo diet- antracite 
bamboo diet -writhe 
less than jake -good enough

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