Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 12th edition is now up!

Listen to it here
or download the show as an mp3 here
or find it here

 The setlist
the broken circle breakdown band- if I needed you 
arliss nancy- the gb shuffle 
miracles- coming too close 
karina denike- biggest lie 
the flatliners- fireball 
kevin devine and the god damn band- fiscal cliff
swearin' -dust in the gold sack 
swearin' -echo locate
swearin'- unwanted place 
violent soho- fur eyes 
signals midwest- a room called yours 
signals midwest- st vincent charity
bouncing souls- burn after writing 
menzingers- the shakes 
teen agers -punches 
teen agers -float 
sainthood reps- the last place I left you 
sainthood reps- rapture addict
biipiigwan-democrazy and syphilization 
biipiigwan -descamisados 
swarm of spheres- shoot first, ask christian slater 
swarm of spheres -crust punk with a weekly allowance
white slaves- cocaine exhibition 
white slaves- ay caramba! Bart simpson 
white slaves- dystopian subculture

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