Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 26th edition of the best show ever is now up!


 orphan choir -owls lullaby 
football, etc- goal 
human parts- the future path in the harsh bright light
human parts- tributary 
nofx- stoke extinguisher 
nofx -the shortest pier
bars of gold- hey neightbour 
bars of gold -monical 
iron chic- don't drive angry 
iron chic- spooky action at a distance 
empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate) -when we did not move or speak 
malegoat -call down 
red city radio- two notes shy of an octave 
red city radio- the silence between 
detroit -FALSE 
detroit- no one else pretends 
detroit- leech 
detroit -deliberation 
detroit- stand in 
fuck the facts -amere
fuck the facts- l'emclume et le marteau 
fuck the facts-une triste vue 
boatrocker- blind spot 
boatrocker -blind spot

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