Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 10th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

download it as an mp3 here
or find the same link here
 or stream it here

The setlist
the mahones- angel without wings 
stick to your guns- we still believe 
no- skeletal hands 
no- too easy 
so many ways- twisted heat 
so many ways- roraima 
unfun- babyboo 
unfun- cold sores 
unfun- arson 
potty mouth- black and studs 
potty mouth- the better end 
nervous- good morning 
nervous- satire about a vampire 
dad punchers- but the damned thing has watched us the whole time 
exquisites- setting sun 
exquisites -walk around 
todos caeran- kafka on the shore 
todos caeran- south of the border/west of the sun
bad nerves- alienate
bad nerves- I wanna live with the aliens
bad nerves- black clouds 
overtime heroes- chaper I the abduction 
overtime heroes- capter iii no mercy

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