Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 5th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download it here:
or find it here:
or stream it here

 The Setlist:
texas is the reason -when rock'n' roll was just a baby
thousand young- you can't choose
the mad murdocks- poison control
orphan choir- red channels
booze cruise- I said light cream, not light on the cream cheese
bet your live -now with 50 percent less fuck ups
iron reagan- I predict the death of harold camping
iron reagan- rats in a cage
iron reagan- midlothian murder mile
over the top- summer ahn!
neck deep -tables turned
babies three- rime of the ancient marionette
the exquisites- habit to be
sugar stems- make up your mind
painted wolves- poisoned words
queef -seen to be sceen
rumspringer- …and it'll be a while
depressing- healer
terminal crisis- bored 2 death
terminal crisis -fight-die
complete failure- the unlove overhue
the last stand -opportunities lost and found
crow eater- health
crow eater- breathe and refuse
this is hell- walking abominations
do no harm- unwilling to die
the measure of- one phrase

And check out the latest episode of I Was Young in the 90s here:

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