Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 19th edition of The Best Show Ever and March 20th All Ash show now up!

Download it here
or find it here
or stream it here

the setlist:
no omega- a man reprieved
cheap drugs -not in my face
snareset -break it down
pro-pain -party in paris(uk subs)
beowulf -diplomatic immunity(GBH)
peter pan speedrock- new rose(damned)
old wounds -bitter days
old wounds- thethievesweknew
old wounds -unspoken
set it back- here and now
after the fall -unkind
old gray- wolves
junior battles- believe it or not, george isn't at home
previous tenants- previous lives
uncommonmenfrommars- comprehensive guide
inside riot- johnny
inside riot- extreme cheddar
burner- the act of seeing with one's own eyes
todos caeran- perdidto street station
polina -monroe is a hole
blue cross -here with a bullet
out of hope- ashes
stigma- average man
vestiges- III
buried inside- time as commodity

Download the March 20th edition of I Was Young in the 90s ALL ASH edition here:

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