Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mar 26th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up along with a new episode of the 90s show!

Download it here:
or find it here
or stream it here:

The setlist:
the arteries bleed away
asado- equipped to fail
downer- insecure
crossfire collision -caught in ght crossfire
crossfire collision -in the days
wavves- paranoid
wavves- gimme a knife
uhnellys- evernever
uhnellys- gypsy
uhnellys- switch
estates- flourescence
cheyenne boy- problems
dwarves -salt lake city
forgetters- hoop and swan
page of punk -sing a punk
army of moliere -breathing exercise
germ attack- only way to survive
bandera- time to suck today's dick
trophies- traditions
the calm before- rest
sleep patterns- slapshot regatta
white wash -solutions
brutal youth- 53 degrees
brutal youth- albatross
brutal youth- orca6050 millenium falcon
evolution of the kill- take my life
evolution of the kill- kiss it goodbye

and download the March 27th edition of I Was Young in the 90s

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