Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 23rd edition of The Best Show ever is now up! Also I Was Young in the 90s

Download it here
or find it here:
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The setlist:
the exit -water town
dropkick murphys- in the streets of boston
mixtapes- elevator days
drahtmensch- made out of glue
free throw- now kith
white flag -radio free misanthropia
the shoplifters -carnivore heart
the brains -electrik shock
the brains -rolling down
the brains -the damned
bike tuff -this canada house is not a home
bike tuff-baby, you're an anarchist
bike tuff -everything happens so much
history's history- to unmake cities
history's history- franconia
no weather talks- privilege of procastination
no weather talks- days of war, nights of not enough
no weather talks- you've got the looks, I'm off the books
no weather talks -stock market of self
la luna -you can take the love out of the lover
la luna- never talk, only shame
la luna- ferme la lune
greys -carjack
white lung- bad way
white lung- bunny
white lung -hunting holiday
cellos -nocturne
cellos -stowaway

Download the latest episode of I Was Young in the 90s here:

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