Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make sure you at least listen to the first 20 minutes for new music from face to face, flogging molly and Fucked up.
listen here
and the setlist:
face to face- I don't mind and you don't mind
flogging molly- the cradle of humankind
flogging molly -the power's out
fucked up- turn the season
have nots -freedom of recession
living with lions- mathew's anthem
iron chic -jet ski
black god -partisan
cave in -centered
louder than bombs- diligent for
fireworks -life is killing me
strait a's- frankenstein
farewell continental- the explorer settles down
rotting out- laugh now die later
fucked up- under my nose
swindled- hymn 84
tyranna- shockface
tyranna- back off baby
football etc- lambeau
how dare you- true communication
olehole- yay for this more aloneness
bearathon- yes of course honey I'd love to tap that ass but my dick is too aware that your pussy is a chamber of financial ruin
cope- no sun no son
anion- torero
fucked up- serve me right
frandy -control

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