Tuesday, May 10, 2011

may 3rd edition now up!

the download

the setlist:

fucked up -blaze of glory
unfun -pain perscription
unfun -save yourself
true widow -skull eyes
swingin utters- red and blues and beggars
weird korea -cheap thrills
living with lions- when we were young
living with lions -honestly honestly
underground railroad to candyland -stop cryin kid
north cote- take the ride
tranzmitors- bigger houses broken homes
tranzmitors -some girls
haverchucks -work it out
dear landlord -neighbors
mad cowboys -basement shows forever
mad cowboys -drunk talk
mad cowboys -the gods don’t wear tight jeans
spraynard -homies where the heart is
something fierce- empty screens
gacy and the boys- my old mans a ginger
the wavy originals -fake moments of true love
wonderer- it's hard to be a dad
sons of ishmael- louie louie
sons of ishmael -less than zero
shared arms- zavitz
shared arms -101 uses for a dead rat
silverstein -fuck the border
silverstein -pits and poisoned apples
u lock terror- footprints
u lock terror -backlash
death ray vision- shattered frames
lions! Tigers! Bears! -seahorse seashell
how dare you -unions

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