Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may 10th edition

the download
the setlist
the have nots- jackson dawn
the assexuals- take a look around you
the assexuals- the times, they are a changin
artist life- working class revolt
artist life- suicide girl
artist life- fighter planes vs foreign aid
candy hearts- re balloon
man overboard- melanie video games and a slight fear of flying
coathangers- stop stomp stompin
ps elliot- untitled
fireworks- we're still pioneers
fireworks- summer
little millionaires- go suck an egg
balance and composure- void
balance and composure- progress, progress
balance and composure- defeat the low
into it over it- portland or.
dwarves- we only came to get high
dwarves- stop me
dwarves- fake id
ghost robot ninja bear- the curtain call
explosivo -fuckin shits right buddy
the rave -Gehenna [zhdet]
vicious cycle -heaven or hell
mature situations- these old hands
beyond the black -tim horton hears a who
plebian grandstand- easy to hate, hard to define
electro quarterstaff- unholy gravy

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