Tuesday, June 14, 2011

june 7th edition now up

the download: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20110607-2100-t1307476801.mp3
and the setlist
big kids- I'm a romantic comedy dude
balance and compusure- galena
molten lava- hunt for shred october
residuals- despair
residuals- for joy
stay home- pee wee toy
Thursday- turnpike divides
old flings- merry go round
the men- lotus
foreign tongues- reggie
retox- piss elegant
weak link- trip wire
weak link- the world still turns
ampere- centuries fled
ampere- of nightmare reality
ampere- tiny victories
former thieves- bad friends
descender (ny)- build then destroy
coathangers -chicken 30
man without plan- demon gold
kept- flag held high
naughty girls -shit life
naughty girls -full time job
counter punch- heroes + ghosts
gunnar hansen- nothing
gunnar hansen- rats
jeff rowe- swing blindly
half hearted hero- start where you are
departures- thought crime
die antwoord- wat kyk jy

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