Tuesday, December 13, 2011

two new shows: dec 6 and nov 29th

sorry i've been lagging. works been hectic. heres two new episodes though
nov 29th link: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20111129-2100-t1322600400.mp3
the setlist:
the shell corporation- a scrillion scrieces
attack in black- cut and run
brain fever- The Hunting Party
brain fever- it's in the water
Banner Pilot- calling station
pangea- me and you
pangea- no feelin
pangea- summertime
curbside- side effects
dogs of the day- hard luck
here's captain higgins- if they don't know by now
june and july -into the woodchipper
mind spiders- go
brut- this one goes out to you
brut- christinaivism
mindsnare- twist and burn
thantifaxath -violently expanding nothing
nona- cat hat
poor lily- head of flames
shoppers- IV
starts again- all our shows are secret
static radio nj- we are all beasts
strike to survive- sore throats
two hand fool -green light go
two hand fool- turn out the lights
marvelous darlings -shoot the piano player
marvelous darlings- terminally ill
party at the moontower- kick your fuckin ass right now
dead to me -undertow
dead to me- reckless behaviour

dec 6
link: http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20111206-2100-t1323205200.mp3
the setlist:
the exit- when I'm free
artze- stick it out
swellers- what's at stake
swingin utters -london drunk
malefaction- no sympathy
grey area -never again
xkill everyone x- together we fight
it's all gone to hell- jack's broken heart
earthmover -I'm promised the world
prayer for cleansing- chalice of repentance
sick of it all -we stand alone
skoidats -last night
Permanent Bastards- constance
stiff little fingers- no faith
randy- who's side are you on
tat- diamond child
striver- bitter throat
gherbia- cleptomane
jud jud -fast song
ryan's hope- reiteration
pain- the one legged girl
blurt- carl winslow
bon vivant- factotem
Thursday- ladies and gentlement my brother the failure
acrid- manifestation of the disease
snapcase- cognition
swallowing shit -burn winnipeg to the ground
summer pledge- what's yr favorite collar
moneen- what did you say?

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