Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 3rd and 10th editions of The Best Show Ever are now up!

The new CJAM website went up last week but the archives weren't linked up yet so now it's 2 for 1
Find them here:
download sept 3rds episode here:
 The setlist:
julie ruin oh come on

little big league summer wounds
little big league tokyo drift
bad sports eddie bender
bad sports hypothetical girl 
sundowner we drift eternal 
sundowner wildfires talk 
the flatliners resuscitation of the year 
the flatliners sew my mouth shut 

the flatliners brillian resilience
pain futz said julie 
pain right on talk 
throw em a stone miss 
stone throw em a stone tananan 
raised by apes den for men 
raised by apes snaggletooth 
river jumpers chapters 

river jumpers coffeeshop revolutionaries

black breath doomed 
black breath mother abyss
this routine is hell howl this 
routine is hell I wake to see the world go wild 
dead in the dirt cop 
dead in the dirt you bury me

greenery acid flash
greenery done is done
greenery stranglehold

download the mp3 of sept 10th episode here

The setlist
great apes seventeen years 

great apes the fine art of holtzing
flagpolers retentioncon 
flagpolers sketch the barber 
knuckle puck everything must go 
knuckle puck your back porch
jean is dead in and out

balance and composure cut me open 
balance and composure keepsake 
balance and composure parachutes

safekeeping restless 
safekeeping still 

reservoir before I leave 
reservoir migratory 
the atom age bad boy problems 
the atom age too much fun
moja adrenalina radio zywych 
moja adrenalina reakcyjny knebel

radium girls betrayed 
radium girls self destruction 

pyres atlas cast no shadow

pyres deserter 
hammerhands glaciers

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