Wednesday, February 2, 2011

setlist for feb 1

so apparently the archives are not up yet. probably because the station manager is on vacation. here's the set list though.
koji- all below
carpenter- separate
carpenter- you might be right
carpenter- mean things
nim vind -Saturday night creatures
nim vind -hour of the wolf
cobra skulls- give you nothing
the chop tops- concrete jungle
our time down here- a paper ring
exit 305- you call them friends
fake off -take this for breakfast
joyce manor- constant headache
lemuria -lemons
cheap girls- pure hate
the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die- gordon paul
the taxpayers- geodesic prison song
the taxpayers- the cold front
the taxpayers- the windows break
last call -slow motion
braces- I wanna be a corellian smuggler
slices -medusa
change of ideas- enough
strong city- friends don't let friends
descender(ny) -spit + stare
shat shorts -amateur hour
contradict- kids for capital
contradict- cat stevens was a rebel
contradict -ash dance
killing the dream -blame the architects
low threat profile- the fights not over
low threat profile- just can't win
low threat profile- a calm within
farewell to freeway- 28 6 42 12
farewell to freeway- rico's roughriders
celestine despair(and)

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