Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Archives are back! here's some music:
The Best Show Ever Feb 15th
The setlist:
hot water- music true believers
tina sparkle- gash n go
menzingers- so it goes
the heat tape- spend it
small brown bike -as we go
chixdiggit- since you got a dog
chixdiggit- found love
chixdiggit- hot n horny
letlive.- over being under
vicious cycle- numbers
vicious cycle- over the edge
mixtapes- hey baby
the wrestlers- first and goal
okkupato- il tempo nonsi ferma
reaganomics- bands such as buckcherry
overthrow- alone and crazy
we're not afraid- back to life
fiction reform- drugs in the kitchen
modern action- bleeding red
murderer's row- the bully breed
germ attack -north corea
germ attack -you don't care
germ attack -molokai 73
defeater- dear father
the beautiful ones- too beautiful
skarhead -scarred love
the rival mob- positive scene
blighted- progress is loverlly isn't it
overcome- body of death
globe and beast- ode to gregor

the best show ever feb 22nd:
the setlist:
wisdom in chains- dragging me down
ken mode- a wicked pike
mountain man- denial
mountain man- anger
mountain man- bargaining
mountain man- depression
mountain man- acceptance
the rebel spell- feel the same
urban blight- toxic city
urban blight- no direction
urban blight- more reality
fullblast -4 iron
fullblast -book of hurt
joliettes- quicksand
peach kelli pop- do the eggroll
cstvt -rogers alexandra
white wires- ha ha holiday
holly hox and the forget me nots- taking it out and chopping it up
late nite wars- you and me vs them
the kids united- once in a row
strong city- friends don't let friends…
suppositories- napalm girl
banquets -eleanor, I need a garden
bloody gears- take a ride
upside down- deal with it
last call -slow motion
the lewis turnout- never knows best
maritime -paraphernalia
red sky- leave me alone
new pokerface- polarities
sun eats hours- letters to lucilio
the steinways- are you fucking kidding me
screeching weasel- beginningless vacation
reaganomics- directive 5(robocop's always down)
reaganomics- chireland
reaganomics- F.G.A. (future grandfathers of america)

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