Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Show Ever mar 15h edition with setlist. new screechin weasel, dropkick and face to face

New show now up. Also if everyone could vote for my show at the following link . It's in the the punk/hard rock genre near the bottom of the ballot. I've got very stiff competition this year from friday rocks with the paisleys who have never been in this category before and I need all the help I can get to beat them.
Voting will most likely close on monday the 21st.
heres the link for the show
and here's the setlist:
teenage kicks -shook our bones
dropkick murphys -climb a chair to a bed
face to face -should anything go wrong
shared arms -bailbonds
b-dash -smells like teen spirit
peacocks -primadonnas
how dare you- leaving now ok…
gamits- the well
omega- street meat
hellraiser- no love, no glory
the wrestlers- taste this
heads will roll- nihilism
big eyes- I prefer to be alone
drunkula -rotted love
detentions -ain't so bad in the suburbs
screeching weasel- come and see the violence inherent in the system
fear of lipstick- dumb dumb
mi6- my lizard had a keg party
banquets- I wish I was a little more lou diamond philips
balance and composure -rope
skarhead -where are you
scream! Hello- second to the right
smoking popes- punk band
lawrence arms- wishful puppeteer
sicker than others- if the world was watching
fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
good luck -west wind ride
crystal castles- tell me what to swallow

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