Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the best show ever april 19th edition

here's the link to download the show

the setlist:
olehole -euphamism
noise by numbers -so quickly
slowride- panther 1
white shit- homeopathic valtrex
fireworks -I grew up in a legion hall
fad- what the hell does rant mean
the gay gay gay gay boners- trees are bonerz
teenage kicks- beasts of england
team chocolate- silence is the new sexy
lemuria- pleaser
decay- weight gain and the changing face of punk rock
choke up- glasses and taxes
ballast- but after the gig(reprise)
ballast -unnoticed by time
pud fuzz- wanna see you dead
young republicans- respect for authority
brown hornet- my black vortex
massmedia- mardrom
aggression -intense energy
teenage bottlerocket- mutilate me
omegas- blasts of lunacy
omegas -psycho circus
omegas -sex hero
end trails- stretched out truth
social war -break down
soldiers -never short on enemies
harvest- choke
statues- pressure
protest the hero -tandem

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