Tuesday, July 19, 2011

july 12th edition now up!

the download
the setlist:
moving mountains- where 2 bodies lie
tornado rider- golden apple dance
q- plante part 2
pygmy shrews- fuck the law
attica attica -the state lottery
junior battles -alternate 1985
junior battles -radio
junior battles- ever get the feeling you've been cheated
farewell cool reason- come back soon
depressing -hang ups
talons- peter pan
ballast- bridge
school damage- I can't get off
school damage- I wanna tear you apart
brutal youth- glass houses
brutal youth- living with ghosts
63 monroe- horizontal hold
in bear country- new music sux
harvest- choke
goes cube- the story is the story goes
residuals- for joy
rodeo idiot engine- king of nowhere
doubledealer- stolen empire
the bots- I like your style
the bots- art star
barnburner- gate creeper

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