Tuesday, August 2, 2011

july 26th edition

the download:

the setlist:
bomb the music industry- campaign for a better next weekend
bomb the music industry- sick, later
amebix- knights of the black sun
titus andronicus -breed
mariachi el bronx- 48 roses
white wives- sky started crying
heartsounds -don't talk with your mouth full
junior battles- living in the future of feelings
planet smashers- death threats
planet smashers- die tomorrow
planet smashers- food fight!
off with their heads- I need you
dauntless elite- primark princess
the heat tape- grandma's guns
flechette- rations
year zero -my head
year zero- no tongue for eros
boys no good-so far gone
landmines- beer for blood
nightbringer- death of heathen gods
waterweed- dead joke
who cares- le grande deploiement
who cares- victory
ringworm- angelfuck
no problems -I wish you were here
iselia- last leaf

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