Tuesday, August 16, 2011

aug 9th edition now up!

the link to download

the setlist:
mariachi el bronx- revolution girl
polar bear club- killin it
polat bear club- screams in caves
man overboard- montrose
this is a standoff- head in the sand
thee michelle gun elephant- black tambourine
heavy cream- run free
heavy cream- stiff lick
brighter brightest- kiss
radicus- mvp
radicus- o dejay god
black lungs- these moments define us
nofx -friend or foe
nofx -say we suck
nofx- professional punks
stretch marks- professional punks
assemble the skyline- out on the floor
everything we left behind- Great White Buffalo
the art attack- come back home
broadcaster- vacation days
media blitz- bite back
avarice- emptiness
avarice- mask
bacchus- mutation
the gentle art of chokin- trockendock
the gentle art of chokin- mahlstrom
re-animator- low life
re-animator- eterminate the weak

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