Tuesday, January 1, 2013

25.      Red Collar-Welcome Home(tiny engines)
   Working man's punk.  The kind of band that make you feel good about putting in a 60 hour work week and then heading out to the pub in your flat cap to have some pale ale.
24.      Buildings-Melt Sleep Cry(double plus good, cash crow production)
    This band could be from the dirty recesses of any city but it brings to mind bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Murder City Devils, and newer Ceremony.
23.      Flatfoot 56-Toil(paper and plastic)
    My Oi record of the year, although not oi in the pure sense (oi did not have the greatest of years).  This record is incredibly diverse and though it's full of celtic punk influences, it still screams of their hometown Chicago.
22.      Teenage Bottlerocket-Freak Out!(fat wreck chords)
    There's really nothing to say about Teenage Bottlerocket that I haven't said in past "best of" lists, except that they do it better than the Ramones ever did.
21.      Menzingers-On the Impossible Past(epitaph)
    Powerful yet fragile.  Equal parts Against Me, One Man Army, and modern Bouncing Souls.   
20.      Black Breath-Sentenced to Life(southern lord)
    Super rippin thrash metal.  They're been on this list before.
19.      Ipswich-Baby Factory(Muzai)
    A mixture of post-shoegaze and post-hardcore.  Check this out if you are a fan of Slint.
18.      Burning Love-Rotton Thing to Say(southern lord)
    Burning Love's best record to date.  I met Chris Colohan once and he was one of the best dudes I have ever met.  He's also the best hardcore singer in Canada.
17.      NOFX-Self Entitled(fat wreck chords)
    I always like to include one older band on this list.  This year it was between NOFX, Propagandhi, and Snuff, but NOFX stole the prize with the most personal songwriting Fat Mike has ever done.  On a NOFX record, the music will always be great, the songs memorable, but rarely have they been heartfelt.
16.      Loma Prieta-I.V.(deathwish)
    This is just really, really good hardcore that's hard to pin down to one stlye.
15.      With the Punches-Seams and Stitches(doghouse)
    My emocore record of the year.  Infused with all the goodness of New Found Glory and Fireworks you can handle.
14.      Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind(deathwish)
    You should have 2 favorite Converge records.  The first one will be Jane Doe because if it is not, you are wrong.  The second will be the record that came out around the time you started listening to them.  For me it was Petitioning the Empty Sky.  For you it could be Everything We Love...  The sad truth is, if you haven't heard everything Converge has ever done then you are doing hardcore wrong.
13.      Casket Lottery-Real Fear(no sleep)
    Their first record in years has The Casket Lottery sounding a lot like Sunny Day Real Estate and other late eras of older emo bands.  This record is dark, almost futuristic.  It's steampunk emo.
12.      Ladder Devils-Nowhere Plans(brutal panda)
    If anyone is looking for a new band inspired by early Nirvana, Ladder Devils is your thing.  Also has a great album cover.
11.      Make Do and Mend-Everything You Ever Loved(rise)
    You can Make Do and Mend has been listening to a lot of Polar Bear Club.  The singer still sings as hard and gruff as ever but they've thrown a ton of melody into it.
10.      Cheap Girls-Giant Orange(rise)
    Michigan's house band.  There is no one more reliable to open a great show than Cheap Girls.  Giant Orange is once again how emo should be done.
9.      Sundials-When I couldn't Breath(asian man)
    Pop punk highly influenced by early Weezer.  This record made my hair stand up on end a few times.   
8.      The Taxpayers-God Forgive These Bastards: Songs From The Forgotten Life of Henry Turner(asian man)
    My folk-punk record of the year.  It's a hybrid of vicious punk and dixieland jazz that snakes it's way down the river.
7.      Wreck and Reference-No Youth(Flenser)
    A great mix of doom and hardcore that reminds me a lot of swans. The album cover alone should make you want to check it out.
6.      Titus Andronicus-Local Business(xl)
    I gave Titus Andronicus the top spot 2 years ago for The Monitor.  Since then they've come back from the edge of concept album genius and just plain wrote a record full of great catchy rock songs.  There are lots of bands out there that have 3 guitarists but Titus Andronicus is able to make each distinct and complementary like no other band.   
5.      Masked Intruder-Masked Intruder(fat wreck chords)
    Songs about breaking into a girls house with a mask and a knife and singing her love songs.  Whether you get it or not, this is the catchiest record of the year.  " Why don't you love me in real life".
4.      The Atom Age-The Hottest Thing That's Cool(asian man)
    Anyone who misses Rocket From the Crypt should check out this band.  Excellent rock songs with horns.
3.      White Lung-Sorry(deranged)
    Ripping female fronted hardcore band with a completely unique sound, more of an art-y hardcore.
2.      Mixtapes-Even On the Worst Nights(no sleep)
    Although I hear they are pretty terrible live, Their singer is adorable and the songs are about how high school sucks.  Similar to Be My Doppelganger's last release.  Even at 33 I still enjoy bratty punk.  Probably because I had a really bad high school experience.
1.      Hop Along-Get Disowned(blue moose/salinas)
    This one came out of nowhere.  If Joanna Newsome fronted Lemuria, it would probaby sound like this.  Sometimes they make huge amounts of noise, and sometimes they are as quiet as a mouse, but each song is equally powerful, thanks to Frances Quinlans indescribable voice that can shift all gears on any verse.

Best Ep:   Citycop-Seasons(flannel Gurl)
Best Non Punk:  Die Antwoord-Ten$ion
Best Label:  Asian Man
Top 10 horror Movies (in no particular order)
Cabin in the Woods
Kill List
Father's Day
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Midnight Son
John Dies at the End

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