Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan 14th edition of The Best Show Ever now up!

Download it here:
or find it here:
or stream it here:

the setlist:
sister kisser- bear blood
grade- the worst lies are told in silence
grade- triumph and tragedy
limbeck -skyway
the state lottery- someone else
greater than giants- aussie swing
greater than giants -high risk, high reward
the marine electric- brain fade
comadre -cold rain
comadre -must be nice
comadre -date night
the mighty fine- weathered
d'arcy -shaking
geoff rickly- climax
geoff rickly- my favorite blue raincoat
pianos become the teeth- hiding
native wildlife- devils daughter
rape revenge- rates of failure
rape revenge- root of apathy
rape revenge- stunted
almost failed- we are the wolves
the groggies- where are we now
the groggies- handful of nails
soul search -the scapegoat
burning bright- dissolve
mahria- lady problems
spirit animal -silent
converge- glacial pace

And here is the Jan 15th episode of I Was Young In the 90s:

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