Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 11th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

download it here:
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist:
young canadians- automan
outtacontroller -burn out beach
masked intruder- hey girl (whatcha doin to me
cellos- feeding through breathing
into it over it- wearing white
hop along- sister cities
boy sets fire- closure
boy sets fire- let it bleed
boy sets fire- never said
citizen -drawn out
citizen -roam the room
moja -moja the disco
moja- new wave
the ducky boys -the gravest generation
the ducky boys -you don't wanna know me
money in the banana stand -genghis khan wouldn't shop at wal-mart
money in the banana stand- blaise pascal wagers that you're an asshole
woolworm- ginga dreaming
woolworm- cyclops dreaming
woolworm- sixteenish
coma -still nothing
coma -please
liferuiner- savages
liferuiner- harvest/famine
reign supreme -stuck pig, bled dry
reign supreme- in tongues
palms- future warrior
ghost bc -per aspera ad inferi

Download the newest episode of I Was Young in the 90s here:

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