Tuesday, July 2, 2013

two new episodes from each show now up!

Sorry I couldn't get one up last week.  The right mouse button was broken.

Here's the June 18th episode of The Best Show Ever:
or find it here:
or stream it here:

The setlist:
sigur ros- kveikur
dig it up- jeff's bridges
dig it up- party gown
dig it up- too fun
la luna- destroy everything you love
la luna- ferne la lune
paul jacobs- in my sleep
lemuria- paint the youth
lemuria- public opinion bath
lemuria- ruby
fullcount- no way out
araby- brick and mortar
longshot- never see the sun
seconds flat -new days
the hunters- chasing down the sun
the hunters- 1/1/2011
endow -maya
rammer- leatherface
burning love- damage case
burning love- made out of apes
the welch boys -hand grenade
the welch boys -someone's gonna die
the welch boys -whiskey and beer
I called her storm -bridges to dreams

And here is the june 25th episode of The Best Show Ever:

And the setlist:
emily's army jamie
emily's army- part time bum
asado -king died today
asado -without a choice
coathangers- dereks song
nu sensae- throw
rumspringer- stix and stones
rumspringer -tourists and vegabonds
rumspringer- different wavelength
the stragglers- a sad song
the stragglers- these arms are yours
all things considered- take cover
all things considered- my friend armitron
ivy league- canopy
ivy league -coalesce
listener -eyes to the ground for change
listener- I think it's called survival
unwanted- dead end
unwanted -who's to judge
mixtapes -everythings eventual
mixtapes- c.c.s.
flatliners- calutron girls
flatliners- daggers
oracle bones- tigers paw
oracle bones- broadway specters
monster truck- old train
monster truck- the lion
dessa -call off your ghost

And here is june 19th episode of I was young in the 90s:

and here is the june 26th episode of I Was Young in the 90s

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