Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feb 24th episode is now up~!

 Feb 24th best show ever

playboy manbaby- magic johnson
 metz- acetate
creepozoidz- bastards of the universe
creepozoidz- how to get ahead in advertising
chops and the holics- cash
make do and mend- bluff
make do and mend- sanctimony
make do and mend- sin miedo
maypole- rebel
maypole- bez powodu
living room- falling asleep walking
living room- red saints
dead market- pyrrhic victory
dead market- blue kaiju + asunder
choke up- wildflower
choke up- 12 kc
you vs everything- like a storm
you vs everything- no lights and saltwater
soul glo- created in h.i.s. image
soul glo- violence against black women goes largely unreported
corrupt leaders- beaten path
corrupt leaders- black cloud
corrupt leaders- drained
corrupt leaders- mass consumed
east end radicals- agony
east end radicals- brothers
vaillancourt east end radicals- ylpd

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