Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 3rd Best Show Ever is now up!

 A bit of a tribute to local musician Shane Knapp at around the 1 hour mark.
Download the mp3 here
March 3rd Best Show Ever

The setlist:
man overboard -cute when you scream
senses fail -real talk
safety -alone together
safety -how we turn to stone
you blew it! -lanai
you blew it! -bedside manor
strange lords -knuckle duster
strange lords -szandora
california x- nights in the dark
california x -blackrazor, pt 2
we will fly -master the monster
we will fly -doubts
threat meet protocol -on even ground
threat meet protocol -elephant
 the wrestlers- the table
 the wrestlers- muscle girl
the best!-! terminal the
best!-! neo hippie holocaust the
 best!!- 4f club the
best!!- drinking song
shane knapp- I got aids last night
 shane knapp -scotland frowns
yoni yum- handcuff me to your nordic track
yoni yum- jolly green jerk

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