Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oct 13th episode is now up!

Download the show here
 Best Show Ever oct 13th

The Setlist:

smith street band -   I scare myself sometimes
blacklist royals -   a forest
blacklist royals  -  pictures of you
gentlemen prefer blood -   diets for the dying
gentlemen prefer blood -   nearly invisible
the garden-    all smiles over here :)
the garden -   vexation
h2o -   thick and thin
h2o  -  popage
h2o  -  true romance
dilly dally -   desire
dilly dally -   next gold
dilly dally   - witch man
the dirty nil    -no weaknesses
the dirty nil   - provisional
greys  -  the voyeur
night birds -   life is not amusement for me
night birds  -  miskatonic stomp
the front bottoms  -  laugh till I cry
the front bottoms  -  summer shandy
dethfox  -  natural media teleforce
dethfox  -  fearpope departure
dethfox -   run state wrong
sexface -   village life
red fang -   can't help falling in love
ash  -  shutdown
ash  -  go! Fight! Win!
ash   - cocoon

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