Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Best Jow Ever Jan 24th episode is now up!

The Setlist
scream -politics is entertainment
connies- rathead
ativans- another way
corps -so far away
potato rocket -radio
trashed ambulance- on my own
tarlets- so cool
dropkick murphys- blood
dropkick murphys- paying my way
dropkick murphys- kicked to the curb
personal and the pizzas- bored outta my brains
personal and the pizza-s joanie
posture and the grizzley- balloons as hands
posture and the grizzley- elliot
!la vasa!- trust issues
!la vasa!- the divide
the right here- a letter from the creator of
the right here- if this land isn't my land
dutchess says- poubelle
dutchess says- I repeat myself
iron chic- dog bite
iron chic- the dreaming and the waking world
nervous dater- abba zabba, you my only friend
nervous dater- 5th floor walkup
hard charger- two day hangover
hard charger -conquer darkness

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