Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever Feb 7

The setlist:

bouncing souls- battleground
fullblast- stay
broke- trouble maker
united nations- stairway to mar-a-lago
epic downtime- left for dead
lilim- see it burn
abbesse- lit up
abbesse- surface of our needs
aim higher- for a reason
aim higher- mouth of a stranger
menzingers- bad catholics
menzingers- after the party
save one- unknown
save one- I hate today
kindling -coma
kindling -galaxies
frank carter and the rattlesnakes- wild flowers
frank carter and the rattlesnakes- modern ruin
uk subs- polarisation
uk subs -world war three
iron reagan -a dying world
iron reagan- crossover ministry
iron reagan- bleed the filth
policy of truth- authority abuse
policy of truth- speakers corner
jockstrap- stigmata
jockstrap- condemned
code orange -forever
code orange -hurt goes on

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