Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 21st episode is now up!

Download the show here:

 april 21 best show ever

And here's the setlist:

stiff little fingers    -the message
good riddance    -disputatio
good riddance    -our better nature
seasons change-    clueless
seasons change    -take time
restorations    -misprint
restorations    -most likely a spy
millencolin    -chameleon
millencolin    -true brew
millencolin    -man of 1000 tics
death    -story of the world
death    -change
piss test-    leather jackets in the heat
piss test    -nick cave phase
first base    -you've got a hold on me
first base    -love is a paradise
zex    -screaming at a wall
zex    -we're rebels
gallows    -desolation sounds
gallows    -death vally blues
frank carter and the rattlesnakes    -fangs
in 2 months-    identity crisis
in 2 months-    gun em down
ransom    -little from the world
ransom    -death awaits
jealous gods    -into the darkness i
proto men    -danger zone

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