Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mar 31st best show ever is now up!

Download the show here:

Best Show Ever mar 31

And here's the setlist: 

steve adamyk band -front to back
young guv -crushing sensation
young guv -kelly, I'm not a greep
 total love -I don't wanna work
hop along -powerful man
 flatliners- fangs
home street home -I'm suicide
home street home -lets get hurt
home street home- three against me
hit the lights- summer bones
 hit the lights- the real
permaculture -arrogan faith
permaculture -they advance
fashionism -smash the state (with your face)
 fashionism -where have all the rock n roll girls gone
 fashionism -breaking out
 the fire next time -hell is my friends
 the fire next time- the woods
mommy- hospital friends
mommy- jade
peter pan speedrock -whatever man
peter pan speedrock -tunnelvission
blacklisted -riptide
blacklisted -when people grow, people go
 the flex -macho jock hardcore
psychic teens -all
psychic teens -face

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