Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April7th episode is now up!

Best Show Ever april 7th

poison idea    -bog
tenement    -spaghetti midwestern
tenement    -goodnight, rosendale
piffbreak    -smoke em if ya got em
piffbreak    -darwin the monkey
dilly dally    -noisemakers
dilly dally    -candy mountain
prince    -in the living room
prince    -s'not fair
prince    -dusting of the firs
belt fight    belt fight does it again
belt fight    robol'l revenge
belt fight    porkbun
bad cop bad cop    -it's my life
bad cop bad cop-    rodeo
the real mckenzies    -wha saw the 42nd
the real mckenzies    -yes
hogwash    -cutting circles
hogwash    -samurai
one man army    -downtown lights
one man army    -I got hung up
farang    -maximum taxiderm
farang    -gumboots
big dick    -let down
big dick    -last days
tartar control-    f.y.d.
tartar control-    diamond head
clover    -ragnarok
clover    -catalyst

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