Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 11th episode is now up!

Download it here
aug 11 best show ever

The setlist:

brother- dope warrior
 the shell corporation -raum der zeit (wizo) 
mike erg and scottty sandwich- 2rak005 (braket 
the sheds -mind of my own (strung out) 
sic waiting -libel (tilt) 
armchair martian- whipping boy
 elway -better whenever 
elway -orphan histories 
elway -ten letter word 
earth girls -unavailable 
earth girls -who we've never met
 brigades -enemy 
brigades -knife dance
 knuckle puck- disdain
 knuckle puck- ponder 
thirty helens -help me get the lid off 
plow united -gary gygax 
plow united- these six words 
headies -modern times 
headies -out from under 
the black cheers -means a lot 
the black cheers- (you're) breakin' up 
death rogan -joe shmoe 
death rogan -boneless mcgee 
harper ss -trapped 
harper ss -victimized 
pagans of northumberland -st pauli 
pagans of northumberland -the moonies don't know 
pseudo- I hearby decree ye unfit for trial 
pseudo- realeyes 
pseudo- why? 
the chain -we stand
 the chain -s.l.c.s.s.m
 the chain -yyc mayhem
 the chain -not like you
 terror -no time for fools
 terror -snap
 envy -your heart and my mind

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