Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aug 4th edition is now up!

Download it here:
Aug 4th best show ever

And here's the setlist:

danger friends -carry the night away
danger friends -the will
old towns -freight train blues
 old towns -strathcona
 dan andriano -eye contact
dan andriano -lowrider
counterparts -choke
counterparts -resonate
counterparts -tragedy
remnants -little headaches
remnants -pedal with your heart
teenage time killers -big money
teenage time killers -days of degradation
 teenage time killers -hung out to dry
teenage time killers -ode to sean hannity
 teenage time killers -teenage time killer
shai hulud -colder than the world
lippies -beat it into me
 lippies -sidewalk talk
undefeated -stole the show
hellwinners -red hook
hellwinners- at the root
tonkapuma -dance
 tonkapuma -fred
tonkapuma -stupida
pig heart transplant -dirt
pig heart transplant -gift
pig heart transplant -pray
vasudeva -stop making yourself miserable
vasudeva -punch-reel toe -my little wish

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