Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Best Show Ever Aug 18th episode is now up!

Download the show here
 Best Show Ever aug 18th

The setlist:
worriers- unritten 
worriers- advance notice 
toyguitar -when it was over 
night birds -left in the middle 
pears -snowflake 
pure disgust- guilty 
pure disgust -race war 
flatliners- broken men
 flatliners- hot trouble
 flatliners- lifers 
no weather talks- picture perfect propaganda 
no weather talks- problems with pleasure 
hate it too -dead again 
hate it too -empty your bottles 
69 enfermos- algunas cosas nunca cambian 
69 enfermos -otra oportunidad 
bad words -integrity 
bad words -lost and awake 
brute force -intro-damage 
brute force -wmc 
brute force -black and blue 
vcr -murder city rules 
vcr -knife in my hand
 vcr -boris the spider 
darkbuster -jimmy neads 
darkbuster -punk rock's not dead 
some nerve -held hostage 
a dying regime -lets start the show 
stabbed in the back -missing pieces 
western settings -yes it is 
yeehaw!- underdog season 
yeehaw! -thanks a lot!

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