Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 15th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Stream it here:
or find it here
or download it here

The setlist
the replacements -little mascara

jeff rosenstock- teenager 
worriers- cruel optimist 
none more black- the thing that separates em 
great apes -withering heights 

the gamits -the kgb are still looking for me 

mind spiders -electric things 
mind spiders- inside you 
mind spiders -oblivion

twopointeight -guds hands
twopointeight- vague memories 

baby control- in my forest 
baby control- live animals 
wringer -mammoth cave pt 2 
wringer -american grandstand 
utkf- get it right 
utkf -tonights the night 

two hand fools -I felt love
two hand fools -crestfallen 

common ignorance- understand 
common ignorance- grill 
flint- lorraine outside of work 
flint- mouser 
the swarm -gods little acre 
the swarm -smooth running order 
anion- the last installment 
anion- mycosis

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