Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct 1st edition is up now!

Stream it here:
or find it here:
or download it here

The setlist:
flatliners -bury me 

jolts- veronica 
and we danced- back to the middle 
and we danced- goodnight toronto 
broadcaster- the current

snfu -morley 
snfu -ashes 
snfu- human rust 

heartsounds- internal eyes 
heartsounds- the world up there 

archers and arrows- the support 
archers and arrows -swan song 
bl'ast -winding down 
bl'ast -sequel 
mother brain -old man 
mother brain -scumbag 

heartless -certain death 
heartless -wrung out 
omegas- sex hero 
omegas- absurd visions 
ramming speed- anthems of despair(summer jam) 
ramming speed -grinding dissent 

doomriders- new pyramids 
doomriders- death in heat

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