Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 17th and 24th episodes are now up!

 Stream the shows here
or find them here:
Download sept 17 here:

The setlist
new found glory- connect the dots
obits- taste the diff 
protest the hero -clarity 
saves the day -stand in the stars 
Thursday -ian curtis 
unbroken- love will tear us apart 
signals midwest- 308
 signals midwest- lowercase 
signals midwest a glowing light, an impending dawn 
two cow garage- the little prince and johnny
 two cow garage- annie, get your gun 
beyond impact -shadows 
beyond impact -second chance 
hey mister! -regular chickens 
hey mister! -toilet seat
 hey mister!- tucker 
roo pescod- uncle teddy 
adrenalized -eyeless men 
adrenalized- last man standing 
dangerfield- banwell 
dangerfield -holt 45 
eraserhead- lifejacked 
eraserhead -gravity 
moving mountains- burn pile 
moving mountains- hudson

Download sept 24th here

the setlist:
get involved! -apathy 
broadcaster- tomorrow 
damn mondays- nineteen was a bad idea 
home movies- this house is not a casket 
enjoy- mechanical people 
bambara -nail polish
into it over it -favor and fiction
 into it over it -a pair of matching taxi rides 
into it over it -no amount of sound 
blink 182 -lemmings(8-bit) 
less than jake- 9th at pine (8-bit)
 misconduct- ready to go 
misconduct -apart 
cavalcades- april 4th, 1968 
cavalcades -a dramatic procession of people or things 
touche amore -just exist 
touche amore -social caterpillar 
death threat- only the lawless remain 
detroit -no one else pretends 
detroit -reflect on this 
detroit- immolation 
detroit- noxious thoughts 
horselover- neon ritual 
horselover -snailtown 
teramobil- lightbeam diverge 
teramobil -temporaly recompressed pulse 
confine- mend 
confine- last place 
marathon- matchmaker, matchmaker 
marathon- jolly roger

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