Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct 8th episode is now up!

Stream it here
or find it here

 Download it here:

The setlist:
melt banana- candy gun

melt banana- schemes of the tails 
invsn- #61 
invsn- god has left us stranded 
energy -another yesterday 
energy- pet sematary

broadcaster- jamie 
broadcaster- ribbons

broadcaster- world turned gray 
tv freaks- bird song 
tv freaks- real pain 
dangercat -where I'll be 
dangercat -this operation is pretty bush league

elder abuse- rex manning day 
elder abuse- worst case ontario 
culture abuse- happy ending 
culture abuse- sing to me 

lord snow- yellow amarillo/booker dewitt 
lord snow -dark cloud 
feral king- scavenger 

lonely ghost- stand in the fire 

honduran- first world problems 
honduran- never forget (ben bratt) 
shooting guns -real horse footage 
shooting guns- predator II

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